Entertainment Events:
To extend brand communication from the virtual to the reamarketplace. They are an integral part of the communication strategy of any company.
Conferences are an integral part of the corporate communication strategy. We can create concepts, which incorporate your manufacturers and dealers individual directives, whilst still ensuring your event remains unique.
Team Building:
Teambuilding where fun is the key to learning. We can help the company to learn to work together more effectively by learning to play together with teambuilding activity events.
A primary tool in the hand of marketing person, promotions has emerged as a vital form of reaching one’s customers. We today undertake in-shop promotions, onground promotions and road shows on a multi-city basis
Theme Parties
Fashion Shows
Annual Days
Award Nights
Off Sites
Live Concerts, Stage Shows
PR Meets
Media Presentations
Sales Meets
  De stressors
Ice Breaker Events
Acquaintance / Trust Building
Team Bonding Exercises
  Product Launches
Road Shows
In shop Promotions